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In the shadow of a bowl .

Isolated from any prediction, from any guiding program, borne along on the musical accompaniment and the mute views of the lake facing his Swedish workshop, David Louveau has slowly followed the path of the material, passing from the more familiar accents of fine, shining porcelain to a more natural world, attentive to that elemental transformation which springs from modeling, since the wheel is set aside, to the glazes applied and the firing which converts the whole into a final harmony which he launches, but which is destined, by consent, to escape him to some degree, in a magical extension. The work is however always signed, still recognizable. In this close listening to the material removed, preserved, rediscovered, close to a gathered interiority, close to meditation, he embodies what Etienne Souriau once emphasized as the unquantifiable law of artistic creation: the virtual power of existing with radiance, intensely, is metamorphosed into a final assumption of matter and form, into a super-existence, a new presence which lifts us above all that already exists, and allows us to breathe an air of strange and new cosmic harmony. By the presence of this bowl, with its rough texture, with forms that are at times maritime and restless, or recentered in its shimmering shadows of former times, a certain art of living, an enhanced life is given to us to see, to feel, to listen to, and perhaps to hear, sweet music of living, a song of vibrant matter.

Marie-Hélène Gauthier

An Sonjae



Do not hesitate to visit my shop.

You will find recent pieces there, as well as old firing pieces.



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For all information about my productions, creations, orders or workshops, you are welcome to contact me.

It’s also possible by reservation to do some teas degustation and some ceramic demonstrations.

For all information about my productions, creations, orders or workshops.


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